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Poison Moon

A journey to the end.

Scott L. Gable

Ia ia!



July 10th, 2008

Gaming Podcasts

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Ia ia!
I never really got into podcasts. I'm sure there's lots of great ones out there, but it hasn't been a priority for me to find them. So, it took friends and colleagues, Atomic Array, to actually get me to check one out.

I can honestly say that it was a lot of fun. Ed and Rone present a fun and interesting show where they discuss alternate history and the new game Colonial Gothic with its creators, Rogue Games. If you like RPGs--and I know most of you do--Atomic Array might be just what you need.

It's all at http://www.atomicarray.com.

April 4th, 2008

Watch me write!
My article "The Cluracan: Bottoms Up!" was just published in Kobold Quarterly #4. (Contents of article are best enjoyed while intoxicated. The article has no preference and leaves the choice of beverage up to you.)
Watch me edit!
I was editorial assistant for the Kobold Quarterly #4.
Watch me publish!
The Faerie Ring and a second, as-yet-undisclosed work are on target for publication by Zombie Sky Press before the summer's over.
Watch me graduate!
This is the final, final, final quarter of my so-very-long journey through higher education. As I finish my classes, perform two TAs, and (maybe) volunteer some editing for my department's newsletter, I'll make sure to smell the flowers on the way.
Watch me fret and panic over what comes next!
Frantically looking for future employment.
Watch me lose my mind! :D

September 19th, 2007

For all the right reasons.

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"Father killed by ninjas. Need money for karate lessons."

This was the sign carried by a homeless person today in downtown Seattle. It's nice to see that there are still people willing to do the things that need to be done in order to avenge the loved ones lost to brutal ninja slayings.

August 15th, 2007

If you don't already know, Virgin Comics makes comic books predominantly for an Indian audience and largely by Indian talent.  They have recently, however, been pulling some great talent from the rest of the comics industry and from Hollywood (including Jenna Jameson, but that is another story) and have even recently announced a partnership with SciFi Channel for several collaborative titles. Why might you be interested? Because it's simply fascinating (well, to me anyway).

I bring this up here and now because Virgin has just announced the plans for the production (with Sony) of an MMO based on their title Ramayan 3392 A.D. This title is a re-imagining of the ancient, epic Ramayana--a text important in Hinduism and Indian culture--set in a futuristic Earth. On top of a very impressive run over the last year, Virgin is rebooting the series this month with some help from well-known talent. Getting back on topic...

I'm not the biggest fan of MMOs. I've played my share (Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Guild Wars), but they invariably lose my interest. However, I am seriously jazzed about playing in the world of the Ramayana (though it's in the future, of course). It will be fascinating to see a world not envisioned through the lenses of medieval Europe and Tolkien. It's a ways out, but I'll stay optimistic for this one.

July 30th, 2007

Sanity means...

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...realizing that the whispering monkeys don't always have your best interests at heart.

Is there a cure out there for hesitation? for procrastination? for that sickness that makes you weak and timid in your writing?

Is there a fix-it for the broken drive? for the silent muse? for that dirty funk (you know, the bad kind) deep in the soul?

Is there a map out there to the sweet melody of words lying just beyond reach and always calling to us from our tomorrows?

Any writers out there have ideas on how to break through the writer's block and develop the discipline to muscle through the evil days?

July 12th, 2007

And the wheel turns.

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far darrig
Been a busy month.
  • It started with a hot vacation to Arizona with my wife. I won't bore you with a travelogue, but I will point out some highlights behind the screen.
  • I came back from vacation to be surprised with my second short-article publication in Dragon #357. Yay! Go buy the issue.
  • Then, I was surprised to find I had a week to write the article I proposed for Kobold Quarterly (if only I could hit my self-imposed deadlines like this). This is a new online and, recently, print RPG journal run by industry veteran Wolfgang Baur. The chance to be published in Wolfgang's premiere issue of Kobold Quarterly was an honor I couldn't pass up. You should also check out his ongoing Open Design project for other exciting material: customadventure. The article in question is "The Far Darrig" and offers a bit o'the fey... and the issue just hit mailboxes a couple hours ago. Additionally, if anyone hungers to know what Zombie Sky Press is working on, this article bears many similarities to our inevitable first product.
  • In fact, the Zombie Sky Press ad in the recent issue of the Kobold Quarterly clearly states that a product should be out this fall. How's that for forcing myself to meet my own deadlines? :)

May 25th, 2007

Six years in the making. Witness the epic struggle of good versus evil. In a tale of growth and discovery, of pain and despair, one man must sacrifice everything. Will he ever learn to love again? Blah, blah, blah…

My master's thesis, Model Development for Magnetoreception and Mutagenic Analysis of Translational Regulation in Malaria, is complete. This is the culmination of five years of rather schizophrenic research—blood, sweat, and tears were actually mixed with the ink. It was actually written about a month ago, but bureaucracy is a harsh mistress: wrassling with a 57-page style guide, wrangling signatures, waiting for credit audits and review comments, wishing for a quick and painless release.

It, also, signals my departure from research science. The research on magnetoreception and magnetotactic bacteria was fascinating; the research on malaria was eye opening. I wouldn’t wish away the experience, but it’s time to move on. I feel *SO* much lighter, and presumably, I can move forward now.

May 17th, 2007

Spongebob Bloodthirstypants

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Ia ia!

This is the stuff that always makes me happy. I eat it up like some... carnivorous sponge.

Just the idea that there really are “more things in heaven and Earth” makes everything somehow OK. But yes Horatio, I’m weird like that.

“Cradle of life” appears to be a rather sensational claim. A first-pass of the Nature article, itself, more firmly grounds this as speculation. What these findings really illustrate is that there are a ton of new questions.

It’s truly a shame that this will ultimately spell our doom, though. It’s only a matter of time before we stumble across and awaken the hibernating Elder Things and are plunged into a horrible, new age. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to make the most of the days we have left!  XD

April 12th, 2007

Cloud nine, baby!

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Ia ia!

I am now holding my first published article in Dragon. This is also my first paid writing experience. WOOT!

This is damn exciting. There's also an extremely awesome githyanki gracing the article. WOOT!

If memory serves for what I've written, other articles may not be far off. WOOT!

Maybe I'm being silly, but this is 1400 words from which I'm going to milk all the joy I can. (Actually, I was amazed at how much had to be cut--about a third--presumably due to the table-like formatting that was necessary for the material. I had never considered that would be a problem when I wrote it a year ago.) All I have left to say is... WOOT!

April 11th, 2007

And so it shall be.

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There it is folks. Finally, it's open to the whole interweb.

I've been sneaking moments in here and there to fix all the things that my OCD could find, and I think it's ready. :)

There's still a few issues, of course. It's built for the latest generation of browsers: FF2 and IE7, though it's optimized on FF2. There's a bug in IE6 that I tried to fix, but I don't run that browser. I don't have access to a mac, so I have no idea how it looks on Opera. If you guys run across any problems, let me know.

It's been a great experience, and I've learned so much. I might decide to do some web design for other people soon, but that's not a priority right now.

Time to write... after some sleep.

BTW, any thoughts you have on the site are welcome: the good, the bad, the ugly, whatever.
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